About ESC

Eastern Supply Collective is an online clothing retailer that partners with emerging designers in Asia to feature a curated assortment of unique clothing, accessories, and décor.

We believe in the untapped community of designers and never-before-seen products born in a rich 5000 year old culture. The asian marketplace has exploded with new products and we provide a filter that brings the best quality to our customers. ESC collaborates with a small set of elite designers and artists on an invite-only basis, offering an incubation environment to help build new brands that break the “Made in China” stigma.

How does ESC work?

You decide what makes the cut.

We showcase real prototypes of new products (not sketches or ideas) for you to vote on. If a product receives over 100 votes, we make it, and you get 15% off.

Get 15% off when you vote.

No need to get out your credit card to back our products; we only ask for your email to keep you up to date and get feedback on how to fine tune if we go to production. In exchange, you're guaranteed a 15% discount if the product is made.

Access to emerging artist prototypes

We're changing the pace of fashion by providing unique concepts as fast as our team of select artists can imagine them. Forget about seasonal and predictable clothing that everyone else wears.